How Mastermind Leaders Can Expand Their Vision and Help Members Do the Same

vision who not how Jun 10, 2021

 For Greg Yates, owning over a dozen businesses with nearly a thousand employees came to an abrupt end when he found himself in prison. It wasn’t the story he anticipated telling his grandkids, but Yates nonetheless wrote a book about how hitting rock bottom propelled him to reinvent himself. 


When touring with his first book, Yates discovered he wasn’t alone. In fact, he found that people around the world felt imprisoned by their own limiting beliefs. Yates went on to become a successful coach, teaching the foundational principles that allowed him to rise from the ashes. Along the way, he discovered that beyond any motivational speech or productivity hack, he had the ground-level truth that who we believe we are is who we become


Yates began helping his coaching clients shift the stories they told themselves about who they are, and even started his own mastermind group, with the help of what he learned from The Mastermind Playbook.



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Struggling with Finding Direction? This Will Clear Things Up!

direction vision Mar 18, 2021

How to Create an Inspiring and Actionable Mission Statement


Do you remember the world of technology at the turn of the 21st Century? I remember the “arms race” between Apple and Microsoft. Each company had a big market share. Each had intelligent people on their payroll. 


But only one went on to become the first American company worth $1 trillion dollars. How did Apple achieve this, while Microsoft didn’t? 


Did Apple have more talented employees? Maybe a few here and there, but I’m sure each side had more than enough. Did the location of Apple headquarters give them access to more recruits and resources? I doubt it. There are just as many recruits and resources around Seattle, Washington as there are in Silicon Valley.


One thing separated Apple and Microsoft. 


Steve Jobs possessed an uncanny ability to share an inspiring mission. He could motivate Apple employees to go above and beyond. Everyone from the...

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Looking For 2021 Vision For Your Mastermind? Here’s What Top Facilitators Do.

2021 transition vision Jan 07, 2021

The Blessing of the “Gap” at the End of Each Year


If you’ve read any of our recent posts, you know how much detail goes into creating a powerful vision for your mastermind group.


I want to encourage you to think about the opportunity in front of us for a season like 2021, and ask yourself: “How far am I willing to go?”


Now, don’t get nervous! I’m not asking you to be prepared to give your life away. But of all the times and eras I’ve lived through, I’ve never seen one so rich with opportunity for people in the mastermind business. For many people, this is one of the loneliest, scariest times in their lives. You have a chance to make a difference for them!


Most people I know who run online mastermind groups take advantage of this “lull” in between Christmas and New Year. It’s a transitionary moment, like when you’re in a major airport and you have to ride a train to get to the...

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Struggling to Improve Sales For Your Mastermind? Here’s How Great Leaders Do It

How Vision Powers The Future of Your Mastermind Business


Do you know what 99.9% of business owners want to improve in any season?


Sales and marketing.


No one can argue with results of increased revenue and more attention. Imagine your confidence, as you plan the next steps in growing your business. Whether you know your numbers down to the dime, or you have no idea what you’re spending or why - this is for you.


You can turn the ship around, or take it to the next level, by casting a “sales and marketing vision” for your mastermind group.


This month, we’ve covered different aspects of Michael Hyatt’s “Vision Script” tool. I learned about it by reading his book, The Vision Driven Leader. We’re also reading it in our online mastermind groups, and using it to create Vision Scripts of our own. Most business owners do some version of this at the end of each year.


Our members author their vision, and...

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Insider Secrets to Exponential Mastermind Growth

vision Oct 30, 2020

The Size Of Your Goals Determines How Quickly You Grow


Step by step. That’s what they say, right?


I agree, you have to take each day step by step. I just don’t think it’s true for vision. We need to think bigger! It’s easy to play small and think, “Just one more client.” Do you think you were put on this earth to get “just one more” of something?


As a Christian life coach, I’ve seen hundreds of people blessed beyond their wildest dreams. Almost none of it came from asking God for “just a little.” When considering your future, I guarantee you’ll find more success by dreaming big, than playing it safe and dreaming small.


Small dreams yield small returns. Big dreams not only yield big returns, but create even more opportunities and benefits for you, and the members of your mastermind group. Want a guide to creating more opportunities for others? Take a look at the Mastermind Playbook.


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