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vision Oct 30, 2020

The Size Of Your Goals Determines How Quickly You Grow


Step by step. That’s what they say, right?


I agree, you have to take each day step by step. I just don’t think it’s true for vision. We need to think bigger! It’s easy to play small and think, “Just one more client.” Do you think you were put on this earth to get “just one more” of something?


As a Christian life coach, I’ve seen hundreds of people blessed beyond their wildest dreams. Almost none of it came from asking God for “just a little.” When considering your future, I guarantee you’ll find more success by dreaming big, than playing it safe and dreaming small.


Small dreams yield small returns. Big dreams not only yield big returns, but create even more opportunities and benefits for you, and the members of your mastermind group. Want a guide to creating more opportunities for others? Take a look at the Mastermind Playbook.


Why You Need to Dream Big


  • Larger Rewards, Both Now and In The Future


Let’s talk about rewards that come with having a big vision. You’ll get some amazing wins right away. On the surface, your vision may bring you more money, free time, and stronger relationships. These benefits, in and of themselves, are great things.


A natural consequence of larger vision is growth in your confidence and impact. You’ll be more willing and able to tackle bigger projects. Your online mastermind groups will begin to join you, supporting you as you move beyond your previous accomplishments.


This is where those subsequent rewards kick in. How much more can you do with increased trust, influence and confidence? More people will look to you as an authority. You’ll lead others with composure, knowing your ability to guide them through their own challenges. Your members will become your loudest supporters, recommending you to people they know.


  • Big Visions Draw Others’ Help


Let’s touch on another benefit of having a big vision. When you play small, you often keep goals to yourself. There seems to be some shame that goes with small goals, especially if you’re trying to fly with the eagles. I’m part of a mastermind group online that forces me to go big and go public, or go home.


People with big goals in your network want to share them. Why do you think that is? Maybe they’re proud of where they’re headed, but they know they need others’ help. So they talk about their goals. They don’t just want to speak them into existence. They’re aware that someone’s always listening. The ones listening to those goals might be able to introduce them to a connection that can help them succeed.


You can’t achieve big goals without the help of others. Sharing goals increases the likelihood someone can help you. People love being involved in somebody else’s win, especially when it’s a big one. If you dream big, you can bet others will be attracted to your goal and help you achieve it.


The business of helping others is good. If you want to maximize your impact with others by creating a mastermind group check out the Mastermind Playbook.


How the Rewards Ramp Up When You Dream Big


  • You inspire larger actions


When we only look for small improvements, we get lulled into a false sense of security. Since there isn’t much of a return, your investment isn’t that big. When you only want to add one or two more members to your business mastermind, you don’t make concrete plans to acquire members. You also don’t put forth a lot of effort, because you hope those members will trickle in naturally.


For both you and members of your mastermind group online, that’s a bad spot to be in. They’ll see you take the easy way out, and assume it’s okay for them to do likewise, because their leader does it. Is that the example you want to set for those under your care? I know I wouldn’t.


  • You give your mind a good problem to solve


The human mind constantly seeks the next problem to solve. That’s how we’re built. In today’s age, we get to choose the problems we solve. This is an amazing blessing. Since our minds want to solve a problem, make sure you’re feeding yours problems with beneficial solutions. Your mind will search for solutions that make a difference in the lives of others.


Bigger, more complex problems also force us to grow. When faced with a small problem, you’ll likely solve it, but it’s unlikely to change you as a person. Big problems challenge you and make you a better coach or mentor in the process. To solve a big problem, you’ll be called to make new connections, learn new skills, and be courageous.


The sky's the limit! I can’t wait to see what you do with an expanded, inspiring vision. If you’re looking to create a vision that goes beyond the average growth seen in most online mastermind groups, get your hands on the Mastermind Playbook.



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