Struggling with Finding Direction? This Will Clear Things Up!

direction vision Mar 18, 2021

How to Create an Inspiring and Actionable Mission Statement


Do you remember the world of technology at the turn of the 21st Century? I remember the “arms race” between Apple and Microsoft. Each company had a big market share. Each had intelligent people on their payroll. 


But only one went on to become the first American company worth $1 trillion dollars. How did Apple achieve this, while Microsoft didn’t? 


Did Apple have more talented employees? Maybe a few here and there, but I’m sure each side had more than enough. Did the location of Apple headquarters give them access to more recruits and resources? I doubt it. There are just as many recruits and resources around Seattle, Washington as there are in Silicon Valley.


One thing separated Apple and Microsoft. 


Steve Jobs possessed an uncanny ability to share an inspiring mission. He could motivate Apple employees to go above and beyond. Everyone from the...

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