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direction vision Mar 18, 2021

How to Create an Inspiring and Actionable Mission Statement


Do you remember the world of technology at the turn of the 21st Century? I remember the “arms race” between Apple and Microsoft. Each company had a big market share. Each had intelligent people on their payroll. 


But only one went on to become the first American company worth $1 trillion dollars. How did Apple achieve this, while Microsoft didn’t? 


Did Apple have more talented employees? Maybe a few here and there, but I’m sure each side had more than enough. Did the location of Apple headquarters give them access to more recruits and resources? I doubt it. There are just as many recruits and resources around Seattle, Washington as there are in Silicon Valley.


One thing separated Apple and Microsoft. 


Steve Jobs possessed an uncanny ability to share an inspiring mission. He could motivate Apple employees to go above and beyond. Everyone from the engineers to the marketing team was driven to create an amazing customer experience. 


To Jobs and his colleagues, it wasn’t about making the fastest computers. It wasn’t even about being the first to market. Their mission was to create revolutionary tools. Tools that allowed people to express what was deep inside them. Believing their work contributed to such wonder, Apple employees did whatever it took to create amazing products. 


Apple was able to deliver products that anticipated their customers’ desires. This increased their revenue beyond what anyone had ever seen! Jobs knew how to share the mission. This invited each member of the team to be creative and bring forth new ideas. Can the same be said of Bill Gates and Microsoft?


You might not be aiming as high as Jobs, but you can learn from his example. How you cast vision and motivate people around you plays a huge role in company development. 


Similarly, The Mastermind Playbook can be instrumental in your development as a mastermind business owner.


Where There is No MISSION, the People Perish


Let’s face it. There’s a little voice in each of us who wants to be the best at what we do. You have an obligation to be the very best you can be. I’m convinced you can’t be your best self without confidence in your mission. 


You need to know where you’re headed and how to get there. If you don’t, you’ll never arrive. 


Everyone needs a mission statement for their sphere of influence. A well-crafted mission statement can do wonders for your online mastermind group. Families that write out their mission statements are much likelier to stay united and loyal to each other.


In fact, as you might know, I was guilty of leading my family on a mission without a solid foundation. I worked so hard on my business that I neglected my family. I came home with a pocket full of cash to a house full of strangers. It’s tough to admit, but it might help you see why we can't afford to miss this, no matter how much money we make. 


Now I know, Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” But I think it’s true for Missions as well!


You need a mission statement to successfully build and scale mastermind groups online. The Mastermind Playbook can help you create an impactful mission statement and structure for your mastermind group. 


The Five Key Principles of a Mission Statement


Are you worried that your group’s mission statement isn’t up to par? Don’t be! Our Groups are reading a book that breaks the process down, called “Business Made Simple.” Author Donald Miller gives straightforward business advice you can implement right away. 


Today, I want to share Miller’s Five Principles of a Mission Statement. Start using these, and in no time, you’ll create a clear mission statement that tells EVERYBODY what you’re all about! 


  1. Create a mission statement that actually excites you.


If you’re not excited about your mission, nobody will be. Take 

time to write something that puts you in a “flow state,” just by thinking about it.


  1. Create a set of key characteristics that guide your development.


How do you carry things out? What traits do you embody as you accomplish tasks? What would you like to be known for when people think of your business coaching services? It's much easier to do things the way they should be done, if you define them ahead of time.


  1. Create a list of critical actions that will ensure you accomplish your mission.


Do you ever get caught up in “putting out fires”? It could be the result of not knowing 

your critical actions. These are the actions you perform every day, no matter what 

happens. Avoid wasting time doing the wrong thing by listing these actions. 


  1. Create a story pitch that attracts resources to your mission.


This is especially important when recruiting new group members. Give them short, 

simple reasons they should be eager to join your mastermind. If you can show people a pather to what they truly desire, you’ve got a good pitch. 


  1. Define the “why” of your mission.


Motives dictate success. Show people why they should do business with you. Your “why” 

acts as a source of inspiration, especially when things get tough. 


Now that you’re armed with the five key principles of a mission statement, get started! The clearer you get, the easier it is to attract quality people into your mastermind group. 


As your group grows, be sure to study The Mastermind Playbook. It will show you the steps to take so you can invest more in the people you serve! 


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