Struggling to Improve Sales For Your Mastermind? Hereโ€™s How Great Leaders Do It

How Vision Powers The Future of Your Mastermind Business


Do you know what 99.9% of business owners want to improve in any season?


Sales and marketing.


No one can argue with results of increased revenue and more attention. Imagine your confidence, as you plan the next steps in growing your business. Whether you know your numbers down to the dime, or you have no idea what you’re spending or why - this is for you.


You can turn the ship around, or take it to the next level, by casting a “sales and marketing vision” for your mastermind group.


This month, we’ve covered different aspects of Michael Hyatt’s “Vision Script” tool. I learned about it by reading his book, The Vision Driven Leader. We’re also reading it in our online mastermind groups, and using it to create Vision Scripts of our own. Most business owners do some version of this at the end of each year.


Our members author their vision, and receive feedback from peers. We call the process “Come As You Will Be in 2023.” We look three to five years in the future, and dream of what’s possible. Even members who don’t currently own a business saw value in this. We all need to know how to sell ourselves and our viewpoints to others. And we need to know how to attract attention from the right kind of people.


A sales and marketing vision reminds you, and anyone else in your circle, how to relate to customers and other stakeholders. Members of your sales, marketing, and customer experience teams need to know what to do, how to do it, and why you’ve chosen the strategy you have.


Think of the vision as more of a “guidance” for sales and marketing. This isn’t a time to get down to nuts-and-bolts tactics. A broad, general approach will show how you’ll operate on the next level … because your team will deal with hundreds of situations, and no two are identical!


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Why the Right Vision for Your Sales and Marketing is Essential


All mastermind leaders want better results from sales and marketing. But I wonder how many have vision for this area of their business? I wonder how many have thought about how they want their sales and marketing to look, sound, and feel. It can make a huge difference.


A DISC assessment describes human behavior in various situations. Your sales and marketing vision outlines your team’s unchanging ethics and attitude, even if tactics change. Vision provides a strong core, as well as flexibility for a changing landscape. Our members who had strong sales and marketing visions only had to change methods and tools, to stay on top during the pandemic. They replaced in-person meetings with Zoom calls, for example, and barely missed a beat.


The leader with the most compelling vision will lead the best mastermind groups. If you pay close attention to a prospect’s experience while interacting with the company, word will get around fast. 


When people sense that you care deeply about how they feel, it builds trust. From there comes a willingness to share resources and collaborate. Once this happens, watch out! You can expect amazing things when you put time and effort into an inviting, authentic space.


But what if you don’t want to take the time to do this? What if it’s too much work? Can you still find success with an online mastermind group?


The answer depends on your definition of success. If you define playing three years from now at the same level you play today, then you may find success. But if you want to level up, earn more, and create more impact, take the time to create a vision for sales and marketing.


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How To Draft Your First Sales and Marketing Vision


Where would we be without checklists? Everyone from airline pilots to surgeons uses checklists, to make sure they’re performing their jobs efficiently and correctly. Why should you not have a checklist for creating your vision?


Below you’ll find important questions to ask, as you flesh out the future of your sales and marketing.


  • What markets do you serve? How large is your customer base?


  • How do you reach them?


  • How much does it cost you to acquire new customers? What’s your cost per lead?


  • What’s the lifetime value of your customer?


  • How do you see your marketing, sales, and customer experience teams operating? What’s their role in customer acquisition and attention?


As you answer these questions, your vision will become clearer. Keep at it! Always aim to produce your best work. After all, what’ll 2023 look like if your vision for it is blurry?


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