Looking For 2021 Vision For Your Mastermind? Here’s What Top Facilitators Do.

2021 transition vision Jan 07, 2021

The Blessing of the “Gap” at the End of Each Year


If you’ve read any of our recent posts, you know how much detail goes into creating a powerful vision for your mastermind group.


I want to encourage you to think about the opportunity in front of us for a season like 2021, and ask yourself: “How far am I willing to go?”


Now, don’t get nervous! I’m not asking you to be prepared to give your life away. But of all the times and eras I’ve lived through, I’ve never seen one so rich with opportunity for people in the mastermind business. For many people, this is one of the loneliest, scariest times in their lives. You have a chance to make a difference for them!


Most people I know who run online mastermind groups take advantage of this “lull” in between Christmas and New Year. It’s a transitionary moment, like when you’re in a major airport and you have to ride a train to get to the...

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