Struggling to Improve Sales For Your Mastermind? Here’s How Great Leaders Do It

How Vision Powers The Future of Your Mastermind Business


Do you know what 99.9% of business owners want to improve in any season?


Sales and marketing.


No one can argue with results of increased revenue and more attention. Imagine your confidence, as you plan the next steps in growing your business. Whether you know your numbers down to the dime, or you have no idea what you’re spending or why - this is for you.


You can turn the ship around, or take it to the next level, by casting a “sales and marketing vision” for your mastermind group.


This month, we’ve covered different aspects of Michael Hyatt’s “Vision Script” tool. I learned about it by reading his book, The Vision Driven Leader. We’re also reading it in our online mastermind groups, and using it to create Vision Scripts of our own. Most business owners do some version of this at the end of each year.


Our members author their vision, and...

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