Big A – Aaron Walker Shares about Significance and Living to Make a Difference with Lantz Howard from

podcast interview May 08, 2021

Listen Here:

Big A:

Lantz, how’s it going buddy?

Lantz Howard:

Good morning Big A.

Big A:

Doing okay?

Lantz Howard:

I’m well. Thank you so much. Thank you. It’s nice and cool here this morning. A little bit of rain in north Texas. What’s going on in the Nashville area?

Big A:

Overcast. It’s not terrible. It’s comfortable. The weather’s comfortable outside, but it’s a little overcast. I like sun. I got a little sinus stuff going on today. So I’m fighting through that. I’ve been in the steam room for about a half hour this morning trying to get all this out of my head. But it’s good. I feel great other than just this little bit of coughing, little bit of head trash. If you can tolerate that I’m fired up and ready to go.

Lantz Howard:

Well I am honored to have you,...

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The Mastermind Playbook on Ray Edwards Show

Aaron Walker, the creator of The Mastermind Playbook had a great time as a guest with Ray Edwards Show as he discussed how you can have a multi six-figure (plus) business if you follow the steps he and his team layout for you and transform lives while you are doing it. I really believe this interview could be beneficial for you. I hope you enjoy this

Some snippets below of their conversation. 

Ray Edwards: You've made a huge contribution to me, my legacy, to the family, to the families of the people who are in the groups that we're creating. I want people to hear the passion in my voice for what is available here. If you're interested in doing this, and I think everybody could do this, who's listening to me and we wouldn't be anywhere, we
wouldn't even touch one 10th of 1/100 of 1% of the potential that's out there in the
marketplace. If you're worried about that, you can set that aside because this is the
future. This is human connection and wisdom at...

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