The Mastermind Playbook on Ray Edwards Show

Aaron Walker, the creator of The Mastermind Playbook had a great time as a guest with Ray Edwards Show as he discussed how you can have a multi six-figure (plus) business if you follow the steps he and his team layout for you and transform lives while you are doing it. I really believe this interview could be beneficial for you. I hope you enjoy this

Some snippets below of their conversation. 

Ray Edwards: You've made a huge contribution to me, my legacy, to the family, to the families of the people who are in the groups that we're creating. I want people to hear the passion in my voice for what is available here. If you're interested in doing this, and I think everybody could do this, who's listening to me and we wouldn't be anywhere, we
wouldn't even touch one 10th of 1/100 of 1% of the potential that's out there in the
marketplace. If you're worried about that, you can set that aside because this is the
future. This is human connection and wisdom at scale. That's what this is.

Aaron Walker:  Ray, thank you for that. It feels really good to hear you say that. I'm
glad that we were a small part in helping you see some things that you hadn't seen in
the past. It was really exciting to me. Inc Magazine reached out to us, we didn't call
them, they reached out to us and they said, "We want to know more about this
playbook," and so recently they did a full article on the mastermind playbook and in
Inc Magazine. I thought that was pretty cool.

People that have heard me interviewed, time and time again know that Dave Ramsey and I are friends and Dave endorsed it. He had his entire team go through this and we went up and presented it to his team and his team was blown away. They said, "This is absolutely amazing." We're getting a lot of good feedback from the community and from people like Dave and Inc Magazine and places like that.

I'm really excited about what this is going to do in the future. I'm excited about people not having to reinvent the wheel. They don't have to go in and create all these strategies and create the content and know how to fill the mastermind groups and streamlining their promotional calendar and even the live events. We walk you through step by step how to put on your own live event. We've got systems and processes in place for people that want to be a podcast guest for example.

The thing is, it's an investment, but the way we've structured this. If you have a $500
mastermind group, you get your money back in about 45 days, and we think that's
pretty quick to get a 100% of your money back in that short period of time. The other
thing is their social proof. This is not hypothetical. I've done this and now we have a
seven-figure business with 18 groups as a result of the implementation of this strategy.

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