No More Burning Bridges You Didn’t Know About: Here Are Our Top 3 Ways to Build Trust Quick

Building a trustworthy relationship with others requires several components, including consistency, open communication, honesty, and most importantly, staying true to your word. Trust can be difficult to build, but it’s easy to crack.


To demonstrate to your investors, friends, or family that you’ll do what you say… practice what you preach.  This will also create a foundation of trust for future business or personal relationships by demonstrating examples of past relationships you’ve pursued with consistency and trust. No one wants to befriend or invest in someone with a history of cheating, lying, or making crooked deals. 


But you might be wondering... how do I prove to people that I’m trustworthy? The answer is simple: continue to stick to your word. Having a good reputation will proceed you. However, there are a few strategies you can use to build trust with someone quickly. Here are my top three tips to build trust...

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Who Does Mastermind Groups?

Something that might catch you off-guard when you start your own online mastermind group is how many people have never heard of the concept.


I have to admit, when I attempted my third retirement in 2010, and Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller talked me out of it, I only knew about our business mastermind, the Eagles. It never occurred to me that there were hundreds or thousands of groups online. I started my next career with one-on-one business coaching services, for just two clients.


Coaching proved difficult to scale, however, and I’m not the type of person to have a small, local operation that only serves a handful of people. Whatever business I’ve ever done, it’s always scaled. I do multiple locations, I hire lots of employees and I always have my eye on providing more value to more people.


Still, a lot of people don’t really understand the idea. They’re even less certain of how to own and operate a mastermind business. I want to point...

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