Do You Struggle To Create Lasting Change? This Is For You.

Why It’s Time To Take A Closer, More Intentional Approach to Making Impact


This final blog of 2020 has me in a reflective mood. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy time with your family. Take the time to celebrate, reminisce about the past year and dream about 2021.


We’ll feel the impact created by the events of this year for a while. Many events, both positive and negative, affected the way we work, play, and live. 


While it’s easy to focus on how you’ve been affected, I challenge you to stay focused on the impact YOU can have on others. You can leave a deep impression on many people with your personal or business mastermind. I truly believe that. I want you to believe it, too.


Have you ever envisioned the impact you want to make in the lives of others? I’m not talking about “wouldn’t it be nice” daydreams. That kind of thinking is just wishing on a star, about what your mastermind...

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Leverage Impact through Your Mastermind

As a leader/influencer, have you ever considered what your future would hold? Are you merely aiming towards in your future a life of leisure, void of trials and tribulations, or have you considered how you might leave behind the best you can offer to others through your life? Consider the impact your life could have beyond yourself; consider dedicating your life and the legacy you leave to others who could benefit from your life and experiences. 


Not sure how to move forward? The best way to ensure a lasting legacy is to enlist others to guide and direct you, to unveil the possibilities. The Mastermind model is created with this in mind.


Many professionals seeking a lasting impact in the lives of others have found the coaching space to be an effectual avenue for passing on one’s personal and business influence. And while coaching is an effective means of impacting others, your personal limitations are its limitations as well. In this model, you can only give...

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