The Truth About Growing A Mastermind Group

clarity framework Apr 12, 2021

How a Sales Framework Changes EVERYTHING


What jobs have you held in the past? What did they teach you?


I was a general contractor. It was up to me and my partners to construct all different types of buildings. Each building project was different in its own right, but each started with the same thing.


The thing I speak of applies to running a mastermind group. Once you have it, you can confidently scale your business. On the flip side, it’s obvious if you get this wrong. If the thing isn’t well designed, the business will collapse.  


What is this fundamental thing I speak of?


The framework!


If you’ve seen a building in progress, you know that the framework isn’t fancy. It’s not decorated. It doesn’t have a door, windows, paint, or a roof. It’s not ready for its intended purpose.


Yet, without it, nothing will ever happen inside the building.


If your mastermind business is in...

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Does Lack of Clarity Affect the Growth of Your Online Mastermind Group?

How to Employ the “Story Formula” to Grow Your Mastermind Business


As the springtime sun brings warmer temperatures and longer days, I’m itching to go on long walks! I LOVE to walk. I walk with my family. I walk with friends. And, if you’ve seen my YouTube videos, you know I even walk by myself! 


I especially like walking on nature trails. As you walk, you see little guideposts with messages printed on them. These guideposts tell you where you’re at and where you can go. 


Most of the trails here in Tennessee share routes with other trails. Without the guideposts, it would be easy to walk down the wrong path. It’s better to know where you are, so you can make an informed decision about where to go next.


Could you imagine starting down a trail without direction? It would be impossible to reach your destination.


That seems straightforward, doesn’t it? But many business owners make this mistake when...

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