Does Lack of Clarity Affect the Growth of Your Online Mastermind Group?

How to Employ the “Story Formula” to Grow Your Mastermind Business


As the springtime sun brings warmer temperatures and longer days, I’m itching to go on long walks! I LOVE to walk. I walk with my family. I walk with friends. And, if you’ve seen my YouTube videos, you know I even walk by myself! 


I especially like walking on nature trails. As you walk, you see little guideposts with messages printed on them. These guideposts tell you where you’re at and where you can go. 


Most of the trails here in Tennessee share routes with other trails. Without the guideposts, it would be easy to walk down the wrong path. It’s better to know where you are, so you can make an informed decision about where to go next.


Could you imagine starting down a trail without direction? It would be impossible to reach your destination.


That seems straightforward, doesn’t it? But many business owners make this mistake when it comes to marketing. They say “a lot,” without really saying “anything.” 


If you want someone to give you their hard-earned money, make it easy for them. If you gain someone’s attention and interest, don’t lose momentum by confusing or boring them. Be intentional about what you say and how you say it. 


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Why Clarity is Key for Growth


Marketing a mastermind gives you an amazing opportunity. Sure, you get the chance to enroll people in your group. But more than that, you get to provide insight, compassion, and motivation to your target audience. 


You can meet them where they are, have a conversation, and help them get to a better place! You can make the conversation so value-rich that it becomes a no-brainer to join your group. How you present information makes all the difference. 


People respond favorably to clarity. They might be able to find their destination with educated guesses, but it requires time and energy. If something takes too much time and energy, they won’t bother. 


This is especially true when getting information from a new source. That’s what you are to a lot of people - a brand new source! In those precious first moments of the conversation, prospects will run for the hills if they’re even the tiniest bit confused. 


Confusion puts up walls quicker than a construction company.  We’re hardwired to create safe environments. Ambiguity translates into feeling unsafe. If I don’t feel safe around you, I certainly won’t buy from you. But if you have clear guideposts for me, I’m more likely to follow the path you show me. 


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How to Create a Clear, Compelling Message


Donald Miller is a top-notch marketer, storyteller and leader I admire. He knows how to guide customers down a path, using guideposts. In his book Business Made Simple, he explains how to clarify a marketing message using the story framework. 


If you tell your prospects the right story, you’ll inspire them to take action, join your online mastermind group, and lead more fulfilled lives. The formula Miller presents has seven parts.


  1. A Character That Wants Something 


Your customer is the hero of the story. Let them know they’re the star of the show. (Your part comes later. First, prove to them that you understand and relate to their desires.)


  1. The Character Encounters a Problem


Everybody has problems, including your prospects. They won’t be interested in your solution if there’s no tension from conflict. Define the problem, or you’ll be ignored.


  1. The Character Meets the Guide


This is where you come in. You’ve overcome the same problem your prospect currently has. Offer to help them resolve it. 


  1. The Guide Gives the Hero a Plan


Make the path to solving the problem easy and clear. It could be as simple as showing prospects how they can buy from you. Provide actionable steps the hero can follow. 


  1. The Guide Calls the Hero to Action


Call your prospect to action. Tell them to act. Challenge them, if you must. You can place the map in their hand, but if you don’t urge them down the path, they’ll never experience the beauty of the trail.


  1. Define the Stakes - Success


Let the customer know the amazing things that will happen if they take action. Present a reward, and give them a reason to continue. They may have reservations, but a desirable reward might make them think twice. 


  1. Define the Stakes - Failure


Fear of pain also motivates customers. What do they stand to lose, if they turn back now? Will they get stuck, or get worse if they stay where they are? When you tell a story, the hero has to have something to lose. 


How can you apply this formula to your online mastermind groups? Let’s give it a shot with my mastermind group, Iron Sharpens Iron.


There are certain people who want more out of life. The problem is, not everyone around them shares the same sentiment. At Iron Sharpens Iron, we got tired of isolation and frustration robbing people of their dreams. To join a mastermind, fill out an application. If you’re accepted, you’ll join passionate and successful peers. Don’t let your dreams remain unrealized. Find YOUR group of people and a new level of success. 


Can you spot the elements of the story formula? This simple message hits all of them. It is clear and powerful. Use story to create an engaging experience for your audience. If you need help putting those pieces together, we've included several strategies you can use in The Mastermind Playbook.


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