The Truth About Growing A Mastermind Group

clarity framework Apr 12, 2021

How a Sales Framework Changes EVERYTHING


What jobs have you held in the past? What did they teach you?


I was a general contractor. It was up to me and my partners to construct all different types of buildings. Each building project was different in its own right, but each started with the same thing.


The thing I speak of applies to running a mastermind group. Once you have it, you can confidently scale your business. On the flip side, it’s obvious if you get this wrong. If the thing isn’t well designed, the business will collapse.  


What is this fundamental thing I speak of?


The framework!


If you’ve seen a building in progress, you know that the framework isn’t fancy. It’s not decorated. It doesn’t have a door, windows, paint, or a roof. It’s not ready for its intended purpose.


Yet, without it, nothing will ever happen inside the building.


If your mastermind business is in danger of falling in on itself, you haven’t built the right framework. If I had to guess, your sales framework isn’t what it needs to be.


Just like the framework of a building, a sales framework has recognizable parts. When you put them together, you have a sturdy business that won’t fall over when the next breeze blows through. 


I’ll show you how to build the right sales framework in just a minute.


First, I want to share with you the complete framework for your online mastermind group. The Mastermind Playbook is your “blueprint” for mastermind success.



Three Reasons Frameworks Can Save Your Business


  1. Clarity


I’m surprised at how many mastermind group leaders are just winging it. These are the people you always see “re-branding” themselves, using several funnels, and running various promotions.


The reason they’re constantly re-branding, is because they don’t have a solid 

foundation. They get a kick out of always having something new and exciting 

to chase. To those folks, I say, “Get a grip! Build a sales framework that provides clarity 

(to you and your prospect), and you won’t need to reinvent yourself repeatedly.”



  1. Structure


Are you ready to see things take shape? A good framework gives you structure. Instead of wondering where to go next, you’ll have clearly defined boundaries. Structure lets you know what’s within reason and what isn’t. You’ll know if a sales or marketing activity is worth the effort. 


       Structure ultimately leads to stability. By framing your business structure, you 

create a stable environment in which to grow. As you may have heard, it’s better to build a house on a foundation of stone, instead of sand. Your mastermind group members deserve a rock-solid environment!


  1. Inspiration


When you look at a building being built, you can’t help but marvel at what human 

ingenuity can accomplish. Building with a framework lets you stand back and admire the work in progress every step of the way.


Once you reach the top, you can turn around and see how far you’ve come. Learn how to get to the top, so you can inspire others to do the same. Isn’t that part of the reason you started a business mastermind; to lead and inspire others?


Do you see the importance of a framework? It helps you stand firm so you can reach higher heights. The view is better from those heights, believe me! If you want a view from the top, get your hands on The Mastermind Playbook. 


The Five Pillars of a Sales Framework


How do you put it all together? Author Donald Miller provides clear steps in his book Business Made Simple.



  1. Qualify Your Leads


Every good sales framework has a method to qualify people to work with you. Does 

your mastermind group have a qualification process, or will you let just about anyone 

in? If you don’t have a qualification process, you’re probably diluting the impact of your



It’s important to find a core group of people you can truly help. This will make it easier to 

qualify members. Qualified people won’t waste your time “kicking the tires.” You’ll know the right story to invite them with because you’ll know the characteristics and pain points most common to them. 


  1. Invite Customers Into a Story


In this story, your customer is the hero. Does your sales process meet the hero where 

he is? Does it show him where he could be with your help? It needs to! The way 

to grab someone’s attention is by using a story.


Tell a story that resonates with your audience. Position yourself as their guide. Show 

them the way to achieve their goals is by joining your mastermind group.


  1. Repeat Your Talking Points


Your talking points are bite-sized pieces of sales and marketing you use repeatedly. 

Think of a few powerful, persuasive, and clear messages you can share in 

conversations, on social media, and on your website.


You may tire of saying them, but your prospective customers need to hear them over and over again. Remember, Luke Skywalker wasn’t raving about the Force the first time Obi-Wan Kenobi told him about it. It took Obi-Wan (the guide) multiple attempts to show Luke (the hero) the way. It’ll take the same discipline to get people to join your group.


  1. Create a Great Proposal


As a mastermind leader, you offer life-changing connections and accountability. What will 

it take to get people over the finish life and into your group?


Bring people into your group with a great proposal. Explain things in a clear, exciting way that shows them what they’ll get once they’re a member. Provide a 5-Star experience, even during the sales process. 


  1. Close the Sale


It’s the moment of truth. A sale has to happen before things move forward. Now’s the 

time to confidently call your prospect to action. Like your proposal, your call to action should eliminate any lingering doubts the prospect has.


A lot of online mastermind groups aren’t as full as they could be because the leader simply “asks” a prospect to join. If you’re only politely asking, will people see you as the inspiring leader and connector they need?

Is the sales framework coming together before your very eyes? If it’s not totally clear right now, that’s ok! Now that you’re aware of it, you can start to build or improve your own. If you want to accelerate your framework and success, get your copy of The Mastermind Playbook now! 


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