16 Ways To Improve Loyalty

How to Build a Mastermind Group That Lasts


Have you ever read a passage in a book that was like a blueprint or done-for-you strategy? 


I found 16 ways to improve loyalty for building a mastermind that lasts, from Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, “Leadership In Turbulent Times.” 


It’s like it was written for me, and all I have to do is execute it. That made me think of you, because if you follow these principles, you can also build a mastermind group online that lasts.




You might think loyalty occurs naturally, so long as you’re polite and kind to people. That’s a start, but for online mastermind groups, it won’t cut the mustard.


I think back to my early days as business coach to drive this point home: the mastermind business is value-driven. Anytime you set up shop as a “people builder,” you’d better have some strong character to back it up.



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The Online Mastermind Group: A Personal and Professional Incubator


Maybe you haven’t thought of this, but your mastermind groups online don’t need to produce winners right away. Sometimes, they’re more helpful to someone who’s deteriorating alone.


What I’ve found, in my years as a business coach, is you can’t always tell which one’s which. Some people seem like they just need a winning edge. You can have them done and dusted in 2-3 months. Usually, these people need much more professional than personal growth.


Others need much deeper work, but they look pretty good on the outside. In this case, the percentages usually reverse. People in this group need far more personal than professional growth. They’re good at making money, and terrible at most other things.


What It Takes to be President


We’re reading about four famous US presidents in our masterminds online this month. Two of them stood out, when it comes to retreating into the shadows to grow and mature....

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WHY Should People Join Your Online Mastermind Group?

turbulence Aug 14, 2020


Do you want to know something we all need to spend more time thinking about? It’s this three-letter word we don’t usually ask until something bad happens. To top it off, we ask it with a tone of complete innocence, as though we’re bystanders or victims of what happens to us.


I’m sure you know the word I’m thinking about: “why.” Those three letters get thrown around heavily when we’re in trouble. Ironically, the worse things get, the more hurt and surprised we are that there don’t seem to be answers. It’s time to shuffle the deck and put this question in the right place.


If they’d consulted me when they wrote the alphabet, I’d have told them to put the letter “Y” at the beginning, so we could be prompted to remember that everything begins with “why.”


Purpose Over Practicality


You’re an entrepreneur, thinking about starting or growing mastermind...

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What Your Weaknesses Provide for a Mastermind Group

What Your Weaknesses Provide for a Mastermind Group


Would you like to know one benefit I never saw coming when I started mastermind groups online?


It’s how much more I’ve received from being weak, than I have from being strong.


As you begin to build your mastermind business, you should ask yourself this question: “Where am I weak?” It’s the opposite of what you’d think to ask, but it’ll go a lot further than your strengths.


Think about it this way - have you ever gone out of your way to help someone? If you’re starting an online mastermind group, chances are you’ve been a coach or mentor to someone already. You’ve probably experienced the pleasant feelings of being generous and helpful. 


Well, if we tend to attract similar-minded people into our circles, then you’re going to have other people who also like to be generous and helpful. They’ll feel even better when they get...

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