What Your Weaknesses Provide for a Mastermind Group

What Your Weaknesses Provide for a Mastermind Group


Would you like to know one benefit I never saw coming when I started mastermind groups online?


It’s how much more I’ve received from being weak, than I have from being strong.


As you begin to build your mastermind business, you should ask yourself this question: “Where am I weak?” It’s the opposite of what you’d think to ask, but it’ll go a lot further than your strengths.


Think about it this way - have you ever gone out of your way to help someone? If you’re starting an online mastermind group, chances are you’ve been a coach or mentor to someone already. You’ve probably experienced the pleasant feelings of being generous and helpful. 


Well, if we tend to attract similar-minded people into our circles, then you’re going to have other people who also like to be generous and helpful. They’ll feel even better when they get to help you, the leader, directly.


The DISC That Keeps on Spinning


Those personality tests you can take online reveal plenty of useful information. I’m a fan of the DISC assessment. If you know the test, you can probably guess: I got “D.” People in this category emphasize results, accomplishment, bottom lines and confidence. We also tend to be blunt, direct and straight to the point.


I’m sad to report, that puts me on the opposite end of the spectrum from the “S” people, who prioritize cooperation, sincerity and dependability. They don’t like to be rushed, they value calmness and they move toward supportive actions.


The reason this matters is when you lead your business mastermind, you’re going to encounter people in these and the other two categories of the DISC profile. One huge landmine you could step on is failing to leverage the weaknesses you bring to the group.


For instance, if you are in the “I” category, the influencer, you may have some of its common weaknesses. You might be unlikely to speak directly or candidly, or you might have difficulty following through completely. Well, what could benefit you more than masterminds online or business coaching services?


But in this setting, you need to take full advantage of the non-judgmental atmosphere and let people know what your weaknesses are. This is even more true if you’re the facilitator, because people need to know it’s safe to disclose your weakness. They won’t know that for sure unless the leader makes it clear.


Opportunity Knocks


President Theodore Roosevelt once said you need to take advantage of opportunities, when they come knocking. When it comes to dealing with weaknesses in a mastermind group, this works in more than one way. 


With your own weakness, as the facilitator or leader, I think we should take this through the traditional lens. Grab every opportunity to put people at ease by saying, “Let me tell you about some mistakes and failures I’ve had in the past.” Lead conversations by telling personal stories of times you got it wrong.


Remember this, however: you’re also the steward of other people’s hearts, when they feel brave enough to follow your lead. In this case, the “opportunities” in front of you can knock you in a very different way. If you mishandle them, they can knock you upside the head, or worse.


You should have a zero tolerance policy in your mastermind group for anyone breaking confidentiality. You should be very protective of your members’ vulnerability, especially if they are the personality types who don’t handle criticism well.


One way this shows up in ISI is when we do our “man in the middle” sessions for members. We take turns of 10-15 minutes where we bring a problem, a challenge or an overview of our lives and allow other members to offer counsel. But counsel almost always comes in the form of questions that help the man in the middle to think.


Don’t get me wrong, we’re still walking on holy ground with people. It doesn’t always work perfectly, and sometimes people don’t get better right away. Sometimes, ten minutes isn’t good enough, and we need to go a lot deeper. That’s where accountability partners and elder-to-younger friendships really help.


While You’re Navigating This


I hope this isn’t too overwhelming to think about, but you should know we’ve developed a powerful tool to help you concentrate on the most important things - members. While you’re navigating strengths and weaknesses, you still have a business to run, and that’s why we created The Mastermind Playbook.


Filled with tools, procedures and sound advice on building a well-oiled machine run by an excellent team, this product will free up your availability as the leader to focus on the keys to growth. You need to provide full value to current members, which in turn will lead to more applicants.


Don’t attempt this in today’s world without a go-to manual for your every need with masterminds. Check out The Mastermind Playbook today.


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