The Mastermind Playbook Free Webinar

We’re just two days away from the first-ever Mastermind Playbook webinar. I’m really excited to share the big picture of how you can change lives, while also having your life changed. But I know that for some people, the first hesitation they experience is about details.


Let’s face it, if there’s one thing worse than failing at launching a new business, it’s succeeding! How do you keep track of all your new customers? How do you keep initial momentum going? How do you repeat the first “buzz” you get? Frankly, it’s a lot more than anyone person should have to think about.


Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when I walked through the fire of starting Iron Sharpens Iron. But the good news is I kept a record of everything we went through. We developed our processes and systems in amazing detail.


So when we created The Mastermind Playbook, we included two complete courses inside the program itself. You also...

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The Table vs. The Trouble

If the last month taught me anything about mastermind groups, it’s that there’s always more shaky ground in people’s lives than I think.


In a matter of days, we went from working through standard issues in our online mastermind groups to consoling and counseling some terrified men. While the details must remain private, I think it’s safe to acknowledge some things. Several businesses in our group depended on ordinary, routine things we took for granted before the Coronavirus scare.


I want to talk here about something you can do to be prepared for the next time everything gets turned upside-down. 


But we aren’t talking about how to hoard ammunition or toilet paper. That’s subjective and fear-based. Not everyone on these calls needed reassurance. We also had several members of who experienced spikes in revenue and sales. The inconvenience of the panic was offset by a surge in income. It would be foolish to assume everyone...

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The Mastermind Playbook on Entrepreneurs on Fire‚Äč Podcast with John Lee Dumas

What an exciting but surprisingly emotional day it has been. About six years ago, my dad was on a podcast called Entrepreneurs On Fire ( with John Lee Dumas. This launched our business, Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind.

Today, Dad's 5th episode with EoFire was released! This is such an honor and a blessing!

I had not heard the interview until the release, and I immediately cried like a baby when they started talking about our newest division, the Women's Mastermind. It sort of felt like deja vu, and I just sat there and praised God for all that He has done within this company. It kind of feels like a whirlwind of goodness and growth, seeing hundreds of lives change, and genuine relationships built, all squished together in just a few short years. The interview was actually about our online product, The Mastermind Playbook - a turnkey business in a box that teaches you how to start, run, and scale your own mastermind. It truly does not leave out one step -...

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Your Seat At The Mastermind Table

Well, it’s an interesting season in history to be talking about mastermind groups, right in the middle of a global panic. But if you ask me, there’s no better time to be part of one.


I’ve had the privilege of being on nearly 2000 podcast interviews over the last six years. It’s connected me with many powerful and influential people. Most of them, you’ve never heard of. Several are looking for ways to add a revenue stream and change people’s lives.


Maybe that’s you, if you’re reading this. Maybe you’re a business coach looking to influence more entrepreneurs, or a Christian life coach passionate about healthy marriages and thriving families. Or maybe you’re a top seller or executive in a particular trade or industry.


Masterminds Prevent Panic


It might seem like an odd time to be pushing online mastermind groups, during the coronavirus scare. Let me tell you why it’s important.



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Leverage Impact through Your Mastermind

As a leader/influencer, have you ever considered what your future would hold? Are you merely aiming towards in your future a life of leisure, void of trials and tribulations, or have you considered how you might leave behind the best you can offer to others through your life? Consider the impact your life could have beyond yourself; consider dedicating your life and the legacy you leave to others who could benefit from your life and experiences. 


Not sure how to move forward? The best way to ensure a lasting legacy is to enlist others to guide and direct you, to unveil the possibilities. The Mastermind model is created with this in mind.


Many professionals seeking a lasting impact in the lives of others have found the coaching space to be an effectual avenue for passing on one’s personal and business influence. And while coaching is an effective means of impacting others, your personal limitations are its limitations as well. In this model, you can only give...

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