The Mastermind Playbook on Entrepreneurs on Fire​ Podcast with John Lee Dumas

What an exciting but surprisingly emotional day it has been. About six years ago, my dad was on a podcast called Entrepreneurs On Fire ( with John Lee Dumas. This launched our business, Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind.

Today, Dad's 5th episode with EoFire was released! This is such an honor and a blessing!

I had not heard the interview until the release, and I immediately cried like a baby when they started talking about our newest division, the Women's Mastermind. It sort of felt like deja vu, and I just sat there and praised God for all that He has done within this company. It kind of feels like a whirlwind of goodness and growth, seeing hundreds of lives change, and genuine relationships built, all squished together in just a few short years. The interview was actually about our online product, The Mastermind Playbook - a turnkey business in a box that teaches you how to start, run, and scale your own mastermind. It truly does not leave out one step - anyone can do it, and I know this to be true because we walk with you step by step for three months to get you up and going. That is what the time with JLD was for, our Mastermind Playbook.

So when I heard them talking about our Women's Mastermind, I was happily overwhelmed and excited for women everywhere to have an opportunity to consider being in a mastermind. It's THE game-changer! 

Some transcript below on this episode where they talk about the birth of the ISI Women Mastermind.

John Lee Dumas (JLD): So before we dive in to step 1 about why people might want to build a mastermind. 

Kind of take us back to a quick evolution you know on your first episode of entrepreneurs on fire do you know going forward creating ISI, the Iron Sharpens Iron and everything you’ve done since then and then we'll dive into this great 11 steps.


Aaron Walker:  Well, I appreciate that JLD. I'll just take you on a quick tour because I don't want to make this about me. I want to make this about your listeners and how they can do the same thing.  But I will forever be in a sense of gratitude to you because it did start on this show years ago and my schedule filled up immediately after I was on this show. So I have a great amount of gratitude for you and your show and your audience. They absolutely fill our pipeline up with one on one. One day  I woke up and I got 15 one-on-one coaching as a result of being on JLD’s show and I was like this is killing me. I'm going to die. There's no way I can do this. And so, I thought back you know I've been on mastermind groups for years and years and even decades actually with Dan Miller and Dave Ramsey you know a lot of those neat guys that many of your listeners are.  I'll start a mastermind group so I did. I launched Iron Sharpens Iron, continued to do interviews and we just kept filling up these groups. I'm like goodness gracious, there’s no end to this.


 I'm happy to report today that we have 17 mastermind groups. We're about to launch two more in the next 30 days. 


Something that we have done recently that’s been so fun, is, it was all men like 15 groups of all men from different countries and we had this amazing audience.  And so we started a Women's Mastermind Group - Iron Sharpens Iron for Women. And immediately when we launch that, we filled up two groups and now you've already got a waiting list to start the third group. And the reason for that, is I invited Robin to our live event. 


We do two live events a year and this was our 9th live event I said Robin. I really want you to come. She turned me down up to that point. She goes, “That's all for men, I don't want to”. But, I said now you need to come. And so she did. I got home that night late and we have 125 people here in Nashville at the live event. And I get in bed, Robin turn the lights on and she goes “I want to talk”. What? We never lay in bed and talk. “No”, she said, “I want to talk”. Okay, I said ok and then she goes, “what are we going to do with the women”? What women are you talking about? She goes, “all of those wives to the ISI Men what are we going to do for them”?


And I said,  Robin, I can't believe you're saying this. I've been wanting you to do this for years. She goes, I'm ready. And so we put it together and we launched Iron Sharpens Iron for Women and it's been absolutely a hit. My daughter Brooke is involved, Sonja Wallenbeck, my wife Robin and they’ve taken the women to the next level and it all started right here on Entrepreneur on Fire years ago.


Here is the episode if you're interested,


If you want to know more about the Mastermind or The Mastermind Playbook, reach out, I would love to talk to you.

For the women,

For the men,

The Mastermind Playbook,


-Brooke Walker

Executive Vice President at The Mastermind Playbook, Chief Operating Officer at View From The Top, Director ISI Women


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