How Mastermind Leaders Can Help their Members Create ´╗┐Abundance and Self-Expansion

 Jared Van Dyke wanted to create a mastermind group for several years, but he had no idea where to start. Eventually, Van Dyke realized he had to start thinking differently about his goal. Rather than wondering how to start, he had to think about who he could connect with to create abundance and self-expansion.


By connecting with a trusted group of mentors and learning the knowledge presented in The Mastermind Playbook, Jared was successfully able to create his own flourishing mastermind, and a podcast that offers life-changing advice to his audience.


Jared’s reframing of his goal immediately brings to mind chapter 1 of Who Not How, entitled “Whos” Create Abundance and Self-Expansion.


How “Whos” Create Abundance


As Dan Sullivan puts it, the first “who” you have to worry about is yourself. Sullivan emphasizes that you must improve yourself, value yourself, and maximize your own happiness, creativity, and...

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