How Mastermind Leaders Can Stop Procrastination in Its Tracks and Help their Members Do the Same

Shawn Skaggs has seen the ups and downs of business for many years, through leadership roles in the farm equipment and agricultural industries. Somewhere along the way, he realized that any business is vulnerable to black swan events and catastrophic change. After learning how to respond to business crises himself, he decided he wanted to help others do the same.


It was a difficult decision and there was every reason to put it off, but Shawn knew that he wanted to have an impact on his kids, his community, and the world. That need to have a truly meaningful impact on others motivated Shawn to stop procrastinating and start achieving his goals.


Shawn’s calling to leave a meaningful legacy, and his belief that we deeply need to help one another, motivated him to stop putting off his dreams. He started a mastermind group called the Impact, Legacy and Meaning Peer Group, and with help of the tips he learned from The Mastermind Playbook, grew it into a thriving...

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