The Secrets to Building Trust in a Mastermind Group

the speed of trust trust Oct 29, 2021


Many different components go into running a successful mastermind group, but trust has to rank as the highest on the list. Trust forms the basis of authentic communication and relationship building. Without it, we have nothing.


As a mastermind leader, the onus falls on you to build trust with and between your members. However, we have many myths about trust running rampant in our culture. 


Perhaps the most misguided myth is that trust takes a long time to earn. While this certainly can be true in some cases, it isn’t true if you have the tools and mindsets at your disposal to inspire trust in others. I’ll detail some of these tools as well as some general principles that will help take your mastermind group to the next level.


The first step in building trust with others is to establish self-trust. Trusting yourself means having the integrity to “walk your talk” and stand behind your principles. To develop self-trust, you must...

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