Do Members Get Enough Value from Your Leadership?

How to Become the “Best Investment Someone Can Make”


Today, I’m going to give you a simple framework. As you read, you should get a better idea of your fitness for leading online mastermind groups.


Before we dive in, I want to congratulate you on getting through the first two months of 2021. Hopefully, things are looking up for you, and you’re in the driver’s seat! After the complexity of 2020, I think we all could use some simplification.


Our mastermind groups are diving into simplification with a book by Donald Miller called “Business Made Simple.” Did you chuckle when you read the title? I have to admit, I did at first. Like anything in business could be simple, right?


Well, this book isn’t so much about simplifying business as it is about simplifying things within yourself. When you keep yourself simple, business challenges tend to follow suit. Get ready to do everything you need to do with confidence...

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