Why It’s Ok for Mastermind Leaders to Ask For Help

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The Power of "Who Not How"

I'm on fire as I write this! Just a couple of weeks ago, we hosted our Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Retreat in Nashville, Tennessee. These retreats never fail to renew my love of mastermind groups. 


Imagine over 100 men from around the country gathering together to support and empower each other. That kind of energy just feels different! Each member gets the chance to share recent successes, current obstacles, and things they're looking forward to. We also bring in top-level speakers to inspire and motivate our mastermind group members. 


These in-person events really bolster our weekly Zoom meetings. If you think connections are made during those weekly calls, imagine the connections made in-person. I’ve noticed something about people. All you have to do is set the stage for genuine conversations and they’ll take care of the rest. 


It’s part of my vision that every member of my online mastermind groups reach their full potential. That’s the reason we hold this retreat. It would be easy enough to hold weekly meetings and leave it at that. But I firmly believe getting the right people together will change the way a vision unfolds. If we didn't work so hard to bring people together, many of the amazing collaborations that come out of Iron Sharpens Iron would never happen. 


This is perhaps my biggest gold nugget I’ve gained in my years of growing mastermind groups. Once you stop worrying about “how” things come together and start looking for the right “who,” everything clicks. Those barriers you couldn’t overcome melt away when you enlist the help of others. 


Are you tired of going it alone and doing everything yourself? Wouldn’t it be nice to get useful answers from someone who’s been there and done that? If this sounds good to you, I invite you to check out The Mastermind Playbook. It will teach you the right way to plan, build, and scale your mastermind business! 


Asking For Help is NOT a Sign of Weakness


In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Once you stop banging your head against the wall, your vision will get a lot clearer. Trust me on this one. 


I used to be the typical “alpha male,” or so I thought. I believed the only way to get something done right was to do it myself. I was too stubborn to accept help. You can imagine how far I got with goals that required talent or knowledge outside my skillset…


I must have been a pitiful sight. Think of your friend who’s never picked up a hammer, but thinks he has to go out and build his own house. That’s what it’s like when you focus too much on the “how” and not enough on the “who.” 


If you just learn to seek and accept help, you can accomplish so much more for those you serve… and yourself. Instead of thinking you need to be the expert on every subject, go FIND an expert in every subject! That way, you can focus on the things you’re best at and let them do the same. 


Doing this one simple thing can increase your output many times over! You’ll be free to work on projects that truly excite you and move the needle in your business. I bet you often worry about how you’re going to do something you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do. You don’t need to worry about that anymore.


I’m not saying you should run away from all challenges, but it’s ignorant to think you need to conquer all of them alone. Nowadays, you can easily find talented people. If you have an inspiring mission and give folks a sense of ownership, you can move mountains! 


The impact you’ve been waiting to have is on the other side of accepting this advice. You can find even more amazing advice in The Mastermind Playbook. I went way out of my comfort zone in asking the right questions to put together this resource for you. Get the advice I wish I would have had when I was starting out! 


How to Ask For Help Effectively


Our mastermind groups are currently reading a fantastic book titled “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. It’s been a serious wake up call for many members. Based on the advice laid out in the book, I’ve put together a few steps for you. Even if you’ve never asked for help in your life, these can make it simple to do so. 


  • Make a List 


Take stock of your to-do list and the things you want to accomplish. As a leader, it mightbe a long one. Don’t be afraid, this is where the fun starts! Once you have your list, you can move on to the next step.


  • Make Another List 


This list should contain all the people who may be able to help you accomplish your 

to-dos. This list will fill up quickly. Don’t feel awkward about putting too many people on this list. The more the merrier! 


  • Ask For Help With Confidence


A lot of people will get through steps 1 and 2, but stop at step 3 because they’re afraid of rejection. Do you know what hurts more than rejection? Regret. Be confident that what you’re asking people to join is worthwhile. 


  • Explain the “What” and “Why”


As you get people interested in helping you, let them know what needs to be done. Also let them know why it’s important work. People thrive on clarity and inspiration. 


  • Watch as the “How” Unfolds


Once people know what they’re doing and why it needs to be done, let them figure out the how. Remember, you’ve attracted top talent to your cause. The last thing you want to do is micromanage them. Worrying about how something gets done is no longer your problem. 

Now, get out there and do big things! Your only limitation is your imagination and your willingness to employ the expertise and passion of others. You’ll learn the best techniques for garnering mastermind success in The Mastermind Playbook. I’ll see you on the inside!


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