It’s Not What You Know and It’s NOT Who You Know

referrals relationships Mar 11, 2021

Your Primary Focus When Interacting with Others Should Be THIS


I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” It’s a good observation, but I don’t think it goes deep enough. Following that advice alone won’t get you the success you desire.


Don’t think this means “stop meeting new people.” Networking is important. It’s the basis for connections and future opportunities. 


And that’s not to mention all the referrals that come with it. Don’t you just love referrals? No matter the industry, referrals are so much easier to convert into clients than any other type of lead. I know this to be true; referrals are no different in the world of online mastermind groups.


If I do well helping a group member succeed, you can be sure he’ll tell others who want similar success. Those people will come to me with confidence that I can help them because they've already seen the difference it's made for someone they trust.


That’s my whole point! The REAL question you need to answer is: “Who knows YOU, and knows what you do?”


Let’s say I want to get in front of an influential person who knows plenty of my ideal clients. Do they simply need to know who I am? Of course not; I have to prove to them that I’m worth recommending to their audience.


When growing a mastermind group, make sure “the right people” know what you do. I discuss ways to do this effectively in The Mastermind Playbook. If you want to improve as a leader, you should have this in your toolkit.


Why the Same People Keep Winning


Why does it always seem like the same people stay on top? If you give it some thought, certain themes emerge. For starters, successful people have a special skill: self-discipline and improvement. They continually hone their craft, eager to be the best they can possibly be.


Another theme of success is a generous attitude. Have you heard of the “abundance mindset”? Contrary to what many people think, there’s plenty of money, clients and success to go around. Successful people think this way about life. Wouldn’t it be useful while filling up your mastermind?


Successful people are also great marketers. I don’t mean they spend their entire day running Facebook ads or writing video sales letter scripts. What I mean is that successful people can effectively communicate their ideas to others. The ability to send clear and compelling messages, over and again is a mark of a truly successful person.


Without this skill, good ideas stay hidden in the shadows. All the drive and vision in the world isn’t worth a dime, if you can’t influence others. Some people never realize their potential, simply because they don’t know how to share their ideas with others.


Don’t let your dreams of the perfect business mastermind fall by the wayside. Grab your copy of The Mastermind Playbook and learn new ways to communicate and attract good people to your group.


Insider Secrets to Building Relationships


If I’ve made this seem easy so far, I apologize. The truth is, nothing worth having comes easy. But just because a process contains difficult steps doesn’t mean it can’t be simple. I love simplicity. Once you break something down into smaller parts, it becomes easier to understand.


Here are a few ways to simplify communicating what you do.


  • Join existing conversations


Many business owners struggle because they think they have to start every interaction. I’ve found it equally effective to join as many conversations as I start. This can be in-person or on social media. There are many opportunities to jump in and make friends with others.


You could be at a networking event, or browsing LinkedIn. If someone looks or sounds interesting to you, take the chance to introduce yourself and add to the conversation. As long as you don’t barge in, most people will be happy you joined!


  • Provide great value


I might beat a dead horse here. But if something becomes cliché, it’s because there’s truth packed into it! You do need to find ways to give value to others, especially those you want to partner with or influence.


Giving value to others can take many forms. You can give away advice, help someone solve a small problem, or be an attentive listener. Just making someone’s day a little brighter can bring them tremendous value. Give freely and watch the blessings come back to you.


  • Speak up when it’s time to present your offer


When you get the opportunity to showcase what you do, step up to the plate and take a swing! Don’t let false modesty or fear stand in the way. When you’ve earned the right to speak about your solution, do it to the best of your ability.


Don’t worry if the people in front of you don’t buy your services. You never know who’s listening, and you certainly don’t know everybody they know. But if they like what you do, they can put you in touch with friends, family members, or colleagues who will buy.


There’s never been a greater time to be in the mastermind business. If you’ve got a passion for people, you’re already halfway there. It simply takes fine tuning of your message and getting it out there. You’ll find the blueprint for these actions and more in The Mastermind Playbook.



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