The Hidden Secrets of Making a Difference with Your Mastermind

How to ensure members thrive, even when they’re not sitting in the group meeting


A good mastermind group can give a person a leg up in life or business. 


A great mastermind group can be life-changing. 


But what separates good from great? 


The resources you provide? Thanks to the internet, anybody can provide good resources. 


Is it the camaraderie available in your online mastermind group? There’s a chance the atmosphere in your group is better than others, but it won’t make your members see your group as truly great. 


The best return on investment you can give those in your online mastermind group is the gift of execution. If you can encourage people to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, they’ll remember you fondly. This will lead them to refer their friends and colleagues to join your group. 


After all, we know execution is what really matters. You can have all the ideas in the world. If you never execute them, your dreams will never come true. 


Henry Ford had visions of a motorized vehicle. The Wright brothers knew there had to be a way for humans to take flight. When you started your business mastermind, you dreamed of the difference you could make. 


What happened for Ford and the Wright brothers to succeed? 


Did wishes for more horsepower make Ford a household name?


Did hope create the machinery needed for Orville and Wilbur to triumph at Kitty Hawk?


Did faith alone cause your first members to join? 


I’m not saying faith doesn’t play a huge role in success. What I am saying is that the action steps we take make all the difference. 


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You’ve Been Called to Guide Others


A lot of people think of a mastermind as a fun group to meet with. You know it can be so much more! 


Why do people join a mastermind group? It’s not so they can meet up with their buddies once a week. If that’s all it took, everyone who goes to the local bar would be a millionaire. 


People join masterminds because there’s something missing in their life. They’re aware they need something more, but they don’t know how to get it. 


It’s kind of like a football team. Plenty of football players are gifted athletically. Do you think talent alone wins games? It might be able to squeak out a few victories, but only well-coached teams know which plays to execute and win it all. 


I’m not saying anything negative about the players on the field. They certainly have a big part to play in every win. However, without several coaches urging them to execute the right things, championships would never be won. 


I bet you attract plenty of talent to your mastermind group. Are you really going to let them figure it out on their own? Or will you, the leader, step up and help them improve their game? I sure hope you pick the latter. 


Like any industry, the mastermind business, unfortunately, has its fair share of leaders who are in it for the wrong reasons. They prioritize profits over people. Since you’re reading this blog, I know you’re not one of those, but I feel the need to emphasize this important point. 


As a group leader, you’ve been called forth to take others to the next level. They’ll never reach it if your group work consists of random chats and no goal setting. Empower your people with confidence and direction so they can take action to reach their goals. 


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The Five Steps to Ensure Execution


Execution isn’t guaranteed, and sometimes it can be downright uncomfortable. In all my years of coaching, I’ve found that reliable frameworks can ease some of the discomforts. If you can foster an environment where execution takes place, you’ve won half the battle. 


Donald Miller provides such a framework in his book Business Made Simple. Read these five steps carefully. Share them with your group members, and make them part of your expected workflow. Do this, and I promise you’ll see more energy, achievement, and fulfillment in your group. 


  1. Prepare “launch meetings”


All dreams start as ideas. I truly believe most dreams don’t come true due to a lack of 

planning. Launch meetings can help each of your group members get clear on what they 

actually want. Help them understand the actions they’ll need to take to reach their goals. 


  1. Have each group member fill out a “one-pager”


This evolving document will help members stay on track. It lists out, in clear detail, the 

member’s priorities and a development plan to make sure those priorities are accomplished. Tell your members to put this one-pager somewhere they can see it every day. It’s no use writing down plans and filing them away until next week. 


  1. Hold weekly “speed checks”


Another way to stay on top of things is to hold weekly “speed checks.” These can be part 

of your normal meeting since they’re not meant to take up a huge amount of time. A lot

of mastermind groups (including mine) set quarterly goals. Speed checks make sure these goals stay top of mind. 


  1. Keep score and measure success


Measure the correct things, and your success will amplify. Measure the wrong things,and 

you’ll make progress in the wrong direction. Don’t measure at all, and you’ll never get anywhere. Measuring the right things is very important. 


Each of your group members may need to measure different activities. One overarching tip is to measure lead indicators. A lot of people make the mistake of measuring lag indicators. 


Lead indicators are fundamental to execution and can be influenced. For example, people measure the number or value of sales, yet they don’t measure the number of calls it takes to reach a sales goal. Calls are the lead indicator they should measure. Lag indicators appear after the work is done, so it’s hard to influence them. 


  1. Celebrate victories


Life isn’t just about keeping your nose to the grindstone. You have to look around every 

once in a while and celebrate how far you’ve come. When you’re measuring the right things, you’ll clearly know when it’s time to celebrate. Celebrating wins gives you proof that hard work pays off. Be careful to not celebrate “almost” winning. This doesn’t help anything and actually takes away the joy of celebrating a true win. 


There you have it! Go forth and create a lasting impact in the lives of your mastermind group members. Show them how to execute their dreams, and you’ll create a ripple effect of goodness in the world. To build and scale the impact you have with your groups, get your hands on The Mastermind Playbook as soon as you can!


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