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On one of our recent team calls, we were trying to figure out the best strategy for responding to the Coronavirus scare. Reports trickled in of the men in our mastermind groups, in various emotional states. Usually, the ones I heard from were anxious or apprehensive.


We were concerned about the size and scope of our response. Was it enough? Would we get lost in the shuffle? Would we face a loss of members, because we failed to come up with the right tactics? 


That’s when my friend, Scott Beebe, pointed out something I’d forgotten. It’s funny how he said it, but it made total sense: “You have to realize how unlikely, how difficult it is to get a group of eight to ten men together once every week, nearly every week of the year.” 


That tells you something about the world in 2020, doesn’t it? We now pay dues to belong to groups that used to exist for free, because people got out and socialized. But Scott’s point was helpful; we realized that for mastermind groups to work, the fundamentals were the most important part.


The Fundamentals


With Iron Sharpens Iron, we’ve always presented the companionship of masterminds online as “your own personal board of directors.” I encourage you to use something similar to this. Most people’s lives are severely isolated, especially in big cities. You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard, if you live with millions of other people, to find a circle of friends. It’s just the opposite.


Especially now. Shortly after everyone went on lockdown for the Coronavirus, Robin and I started hosting “Zoom dinners” with other couples we know. But in a digital world where infinite choices of activity await, what do you think are the odds? Some people will find just as many excuses not to live in community.


I mention this to say that you don’t need to create a new model of online mastermind groups with fancy bells and whistles. As Scott said, the simple predictability and grounding routine of weekly meetups with a trusted, familiar group is enough. People’s lives can unravel quickly when there’s no consistency; masterminds definitely provide it.


What’s Changed 


The face of genuine relationships has changed so much in my lifetime. There was a time you only had relationships like this with one or two people, and they usually lived in the same neighborhood or town as you. Nowadays, you’re more likely to have close friendships with people you’ll never see in-person, while next-door neighbors remain strangers.


While I don’t think you should ignore the people who live next-door, I want to point out the ripeness of the season for building a mastermind business online. The Coronavirus panic brought more momentum to the concept of working remotely. It forced more brick-and-mortar companies to rethink their models for productivity.


With a tool like The Mastermind Playbook in your belt, you can start building your mastermind group based on some fundamentals that don’t change.


One is that people are hungry for fellowship with like-minded individuals. One reason we target male, faith-based entrepreneurs for our traditional Iron Sharpens Iron groups is because we knew these men were starved for it. Male-only associations are all but abolished in modern society. They’re much harder to destroy online.


This also gives you an advantage based on a similar, timeless principle: polarization. When you use the tools we provide, you learn to name your “why” and create your ideal client avatar. Once you’ve come up with a target client who would want and can afford to be part of your group … you can polarize.


This simply means you don’t need to spend a fortune or an eternity chasing business from people outside your avatar. You can still welcome them in if they’re a fit, of course. But your marketing, outreach, publicity and networking all center on that ideal client. There’s no more grasping at straws for where to find them, or how to know when you’ve met them.


If Time Was Ever On Your Side


I can’t think of a better time to start a business mastermind. All across the globe, this crisis revealed how deep our fears, anxieties and other spiritual deficiencies went. If people ever needed a consistent stream of support and reassurance, this is our moment. I only wish I could do more, but I have my hands full.


You, on the other hand, are sitting on top of a powerful opportunity. You can reach all kinds of people where I have no rapport. People who, right in the moment you’re reading this, are sitting in the isolation of their own homes wondering how they’re going to make life, business or marriage work. You can bring all your wisdom and experience, as well as that of your other members, to bear on someone else’s life.


This concept isn’t new, or in need of a reboot. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require any advanced training. Just someone willing to work hard, follow directions and care more than the average person. That’s you. 


You can also get started a lot faster than I did, and make far fewer mistakes, by following what we teach in The Mastermind Playbook.


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