How Do You Build a Mastermind Group for the Right Reasons? Why “Authentic” is Better Than “Perfect”

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2021


 As a leader, I sometimes feel the pressure to speak the “right way.” It happens a lot when I make videos for social media. I’ll have the story arc, the “hero’s journey” I want to showcase, the whole nine yards … and then it hits.


Right as I get set to push “record,” I crumple up the script and throw it away. I believe in having things scripted out, but sometimes I feel a loss of momentum. On the worst days, I feel like I’m speaking for all the wrong reasons.


I share my message because I truly believe it can help others. I want that to come across when I speak. For me, it’s hard to do that in the confines of scripted videos.


Maybe you’ve experienced this in your mastermind group. I know it’s slowed me from building mine in the past. I don’t want you to suffer this anxiety anymore. Let’s look at how you can refine the right habits to cultivate confidence in your message.


Once you combine an authentic, character-driven mastermind business with the tips and tricks in The Mastermind Playbook, you’ll find your feet.


Why the “Right Way” Starts With You


A lot of people lack passion in their message because they’re trying to be someone else. They have a grand vision of how a leader ought to be, but they forget to be themselves! Instead of being authentic and leading from the heart, they puff out their chest, put on their leader hat and charge ahead without thinking.


I’ll be first to tell you, there’s nothing wrong with seeing yourself as more than you currently are. But when you act on false pretenses, people see right through it and don’t consider you a leader at all.


It starts at the center, with who you really are. There’s a tremendous book on this subject: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, is a game-changer. 


This book is so powerful, I’m re-reading it for the umpteenth time. Each time I do, I gain deeper insight into the meaning of leadership. This time, I noticed the importance of growing from the “inside out.” This means that the leader who works on themselves first will have a huge impact on others, in due season.


Maybe that’s why I feel so uncomfortable following video scripts. After years of growth, I’m confident in what’s within me. I’m still coachable ... but I also know what’s deep within me, and I’m eager to bring it out!


I don’t say this to brag. If a Tennessee farm boy like me can find his calling and live it out every day, anyone else can do it too. As you continue to develop your integrity, communication, and humility, you’ll find a higher caliber leader in yourself.


As this “new version of you” leads others in a mastermind, you’re going to need newer and better tools. The Mastermind Playbook is the upgrade you need to take your business to the next level.


3 Habits For Your Highly Effective Mastermind


These habits are foundational principles. As with any foundation, they need to be absorbed deeply, before you can add the others in Covey’s book. 


  1. Be Proactive 


This ties in perfectly with knowing what you want to say and do. Whether you start a new exercise routine or launch a business mastermind, being proactive is the first step to success.


Think about it. You can have the greatest idea ever, but you still need to initiate 

things to make it a reality.


If you struggle with proactivity, start small. Decide this week to take the first step, even if it’s a small one. Have you been procrastinating on something? Dive in. The best antidote for tension is action!


  1. Begin With The End In Mind


Have you ever worked your tail off on a project, only for it to fail to provide value? It could be due to a limited vision from the outset. 


Usually, excitement and feelings lead the charge. Working on something new “has to be valuable.” After all, we’re busy building something, aren’t we?


Not so fast! Next time you want to start something new, take a good look at where it might lead. It’s better to see potential roadblocks before you run into them.


  1. Put First Things First


As you become proactive and future-focused, the next test challenges your ability to prioritize correctly. Don’t let this become the end! When you lead mastermind groups online, your plate will pile high. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat everything in sight.


Our main goal as leaders is to focus on things we’re uniquely qualified to do. For everything else, it’s my three favorite words: delegate, automate or eliminate. Your work is extremely important, and you need to be as mentally and emotionally available as possible to perform it.


You can start by delegating small stuff. Paying invoices, making appointments, and returning emails are better left to an executive assistant. Take a look at your calendar ... what’s eating up your time? 


It takes a certain character and mindset to build a successful mastermind group. When you combine those with The Mastermind Playbook, people will line up to join your groups. They’ll want the success that comes with following a leader like you!


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