Consistency Has A Curve

business success success Nov 22, 2019

During our most recent retreat for the Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, some of the newest members took the time to ask me the secret of our success.

This is a question with a zero-hesitation answer. I believe in the law of 10,000 hours. Consistency - doing the same good things over and again whether I feel like it or not - is the secret.

The men understood what I meant, but there’s something else I’ve noticed about the mastermind business. The more I teach, the more I get the opportunity to examine what I do and ask, “Why does that work so well?”

Starting on a Flat Line

Maybe you can relate to how I felt when we started View From the Top. Although I’d been successful in several businesses over the previous 30 years, it was a brand-new territory.

There were many hard lessons to learn. I don’t regret what I learned, but I’d like to have the time back that it took for me to realize what I didn’t know.

What was constant from then through today is that we were constantly working, chipping away at the mysteries of online mastermind groups.

I’m happy to report that for you, there’s no need to spend nearly as much time as I did in launching your group.

You can get on the fast track to growing and scaling mastermind groups online using The Mastermind Playbook, which we just released in October.

Deception Pass

It’s exhausting starting a business. You can sometimes work at it for years, like a complicated commercial real estate transaction.

In hindsight, the process is very valuable. It provides you the perfect cover of stealth to approach the market. Your competitors never see you coming.

Many days, it looks and feels like you’re going nowhere. You break your back to get through another week, to go home mostly empty-handed.

Some give up on the way there, but starting a mastermind was hardly my first rodeo in business.

Whatever I had yet to get right, I knew I could offset by the law of 10,000 hours. I’d worked with enough business coaches and the men in my personal business mastermind to know that.

Then came the day …

The Arc of Consistency

One day, you’ll wake up and your business will be pulling you as hard toward success as it once resisted you through failure.

Making money won’t be your problem at this point; it’ll be keeping it that you’ll have to learn. Like a healthy marriage, you’ll have a new set of problems to solve.

You’ll need a plan for staying true to who you are and what you deliver, which is what brought you success in the first place. In my own experience, a mentor or coach is an excellent way to do that.

You’ll also need a framework to know when to scale; a series of steps and benchmarks we’ve collected for you ahead of time with The Mastermind Playbook.

We’ve thought through this because we’ve lived through this. Before, during and since we’ve invested our lives and fortunes in becoming the best at what we do for our members.

Crashing or Starting?

Followed correctly, this playbook gives you either the ability to “crash the party” (disrupt your niche) or to “start the party” (create your niche).

Another key secret of business is that most of your competitors are having some version of the same problem(s) as you.

They’re also struggling, trying to figure things out, dealing with their personal problems, going around in circles, recruiting the wrong members and so forth.

I’m not much of a poker player, but I agree that you should have an ace in the hole.

Why not begin to leverage the speed, knowledge, accountability, and relationships that are all around you and available to you through The Mastermind Playbook?

The Inside Track

With the confusion of the startup behind you, mastermind groups can become a great source of octane for your business.

In NASCAR racing, which is popular where I live, the piece of real estate every driver wants is “the inside track.” It’s where you cover the greatest distance at the fastest speed.

The business has a parallel reality - the further you can go in serving your customers with the shortest or fewest delays, the more customers you can serve.

Especially with a mastermind online, you will begin to discern leaders within your group, and they will become your greatest allies for scaling.

When you can “deputize” those leaders and share profits in exchange for them to facilitate other groups, you can cover a lot more ground at an accelerated speed.

It simply means more members get access to the same training, curriculum, process, and board of directors … but you yourself, as the founder, don’t need to necessarily be in the room.
This is why we created The Mastermind Playbook … because we have proven this business model and still enjoy its fruits today.


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