Are You Feeling Out of Control? Hereโ€™s What the Best Mastermind Leaders Do

A brief guide to better management


I’m going to tell you something you already know. Management is difficult. 


I wish it wasn’t, but it’s true. 


What’s a mastermind group leader to do? You could pack it in and choose to not manage people. But that would be a surefire way to miss out on the impact and connections you could make. 


We all know mastermind groups can be life-changing, so quitting is off the table. The way I see it, you only have one option: get better at managing yourself and others. 


But how do you do this? Think of the management industry. There are thousands of managers across the world. Many make entire careers out of managing other people. These individuals make it their mission to observe, dissect, and guide the habits of those around them. 


If you don’t have years to pour into management, it may feel like you’ll never be the manager you want to be. Get that thought out of your head! You can become a top-notch manager. 


By now, I hope you realize that management can take many different forms. I’m not here to give you steps on how you can become a great middle manager, unless that’s what you truly want. In any case, keep reading to discover ways to hone your management skills. 


Successful managers seem to have a magical quality to them, don’t they? We’ve all had good and bad managers. Think of past managers you’ve worked for. What made them good or poor managers? 


Chances are each manager deployed similar tactics. After all, there are only so many management techniques. It’s the way a person manages that makes all the difference. 


Another thing that can make all the difference is The Mastermind Playbook. It contains the best management styles, strategies, and philosophies for online mastermind groups. 


Becoming a Great Manager Deserves Your Attention 


Imagine a pasture full of sheep. For the most part they’re docile, slow-moving creatures, yet they’re always guided by a shepherd. 


That’s because sheep are prone to do one of two things.


  1. Wander aimlessly
  2. Scatter rapidly


Sheep don’t require a lot. They’re usually content with whatever is in front of them, so long as it’s a grassy meadow. This is great for the sheep, but ultimately they need to go to other places. If they simply wander, their wool will never be sheared, nor will they drink from fresh streams. 


If they’re spooked, they won’t band together. They’ll separate erratically, relying on instinct to keep themselves safe. This instinct sometimes goes against what’s truly best for the sheep. 


The shepherd’s job is to know the territory and keep his sheep happy and thriving within it. In mastermind groups online, it’s your job to understand what your members need and guide them toward it. 


Enough farm talk! Let’s get back to the mastermind stuff already! The Mastermind Playbook contains the wisdom of some of the best mastermind shepherds ever. Get your copy today!


How to Lead Others with Confidence and Clarity


Like I said earlier, management can be difficult. The good news is that there are resources to help you get crystal clear on good management. One resource is a book by Donald Miller called Business Made Simple. 


I’ll let you buy and read the whole book, but let’s look at a few key actions every good manager performs.  


  1. Establish Clear Priorities


A good manager knows where to lead the people under his command. He makes sure the initiatives they pursue are measurable, profitable, and scalable. Before giving any orders, a good manager knows what’s most important and sticks to it. 

Knowing what’s important gives a manager credibility. The manager who knows where 

he’s going is the easier one to follow. A good leader knows the road ahead. 


  1. Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


Good managers assume the role of the trusted guide. To guide teams to the top, a manager must put a definition to the word “success.” The best way to do this is to identify KPIs that clearly show if a team is successful.


For example, KPIs can be the amount of revenue or the number of phone calls necessary to close a sale.  


  1. Create Streamlined Processes


As a manager learns what makes his team successful, he’ll create 

streamlined processes. Streamlined processes ensure any team member can perform the tasks needed to be successful. 


Managers observe the work their team does and create checklists, step-by-step directions, and standard operating procedures to help their teams thrive. 


  1. Give Valuable Feedback


It’s one thing to let team members know what they’re doing wrong. It’s quite another to 

give actionable feedback that guides team members toward improvement. 


Good managers deliver feedback quickly. That way, the manager and the team member 

can re-create the scenario with a different ending. This shows the team member that the 

manager has their best interest in mind.


  1. Be More Than a Cheerleader, Be a Coach


Cheerleaders simply provide support. Coaches do more than that. They provide 

actionable advice, often gained from experience. Many managers default to the cheerleader role because it’s easier and more enjoyable. 


Standing on the sidelines shouting “Rah-Rah!” isn’t as difficult as analyzing strengths and weaknesses. Cheerleaders never truly put any skin in the game, but coaches do. And so do great managers. 

What a great way to look at management! Think about this as you manage your online mastermind group. Amazing things happen when you grow as a manager. You’re paid better, trusted with more responsibility, and have more impact. 


Similar things happen when you invest in yourself. Invest in your future by picking up The Mastermind Playbook. Discover new ways to grow the impact and bottom line of your mastermind group! 


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